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4. CAMEO Investor Classification

CAMEO Investor is a unique postcode classification for assessing wealth and financial sophistication through shareholdings.

4.1 CAMEO Investor Categories

The CAMEO Investor Groups are subdivided into 43 sub-categories for further differentiation providing an indication of the dominant socio-economic characteristics of each group. The descriptions of each CAMEO Investor Category are as follows:

CAMEO Investor
Category Code
CAMEO Investor Type
  Serious Investors
11 Older Semi-Detached Neighbourhoods
12 Wealthy Professional Households
13 Older & Retired Professionals
14 City Flat-Dwellers
15 Terraced Homeowners
16 Young Professionals
  Committed Investors
21 Affluent Homeowners
22 Affluent Professionals
23 Retired Households
24 Urban Flat-Dwellers
25 Young & Middle-Aged
26 Single Professionals
  Enthusiastic Investors
31 Comfortable Homeowners
32 Prosperous Mortgagees
33 Mature Educated Couples
34 Poorer Flat Dwellers
35 Comfortable Terrace Residents
36 Young Professional Tenants
  Active Investors
41 Homeowning Families
42 Affluent Families & Couples
43 Retired Professionals
44 Young Council Tenants
45 Terrace Residents
46 Young & Educated
  Interested Investors
51 Less Affluent Homeowners
52 Managers & Professionals
53 Elderly Households
54 Council Tenants
55 Mature Terraced Neighbourhoods
56 Young Educated Singles
  Unconcerned Investors
61 Lower Skilled Families
62 Well-Off Homeowners
63 Council Flat Retirees
64 Poorer Council Tenants
65 Poorer Terraced Households
66 Professional Single Tenants
  Disinterested Investors
71 Poorly Educated Families
72 Prosperous Mature Homeowners
73 Retired Council Tenants
74 Poorer Council Neighbourhoods
75 Lower Skilled Terrace Residents
76 Young Educated Neighbourhoods
XX Communal Establishments In Mixed Neighbourhoods

4.2 CAMEO Investor Groups

CAMEO Investor scores every postcode in the UK by wealth and disposable income using two significant variables: the number of Investors found within a postcode and the value of Shareholdings within a postcode. These are grouped into seven distinct Investor bands, namely:

CAMEO Investor
CAMEO Investor Group Description % UK Households Investor Index
(100=National Average)
1Serious Investors4.15%298 - 12241
2Committed Investors4.02%235 - 297
3Enthusiastic Investors11.63%146 - 234
4Active Investors20.01%77 - 145
5Interested Investors19.59%38 - 76
6Unconcerned Investors19.45%5 - 37
7Disinterested Investors20.77%0