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1 CAMEO UK Classification

1.1 CAMEO UK Categories

The following table details the category codes and provides a description of each CAMEO UK Category.

Category Code
1A Opulent Couples & Singles In Executive City & Suburban Areas
1B Wealthy Singles In Small City Flats & Suburban Terraces
1C Urban Living Professional Singles & Couples
1D Wealthy & Educated Singles In Student Areas
2A Opulent Older & Retired Households In Spacious Rural Properties
2B Affluent Mature Families & Couples In Large Exclusive Detached Homes
2C Affluent Mature Couples & Singles Some With School Age Children
2D Wealthy Suburban Professionals In Mixed Tenure
3A Wealthy Older Families In Spacious Suburban & Rural Detached & Semis
3B Young & Mature Couples & Families In Large Rural Dwellings
3C Well-Off Older Couples & Families In Large Detached & Semis
3D Wealthy Mixed Households Living In Rural Communities
4A Executive Households In Suburban Terraces & Semis
4B Professional Home Owners In Detached & Semi Suburbia
4C White Collar Home Owners In Outer Suburbs & Coastal Areas
4D Mature Owner Occupiers In Rural & Coastal Neighbourhoods
4E Couples & Families In Modern Rural & Suburban Developments
4F Mature Couples & Families In Mortgaged Detached & Semis
5A Singles, Couples & School Age Families In Mixed Housing
5B Young & Older Single Mortgagees & Renters In Terraces & Flats
5C Mature & Retired Singles In Areas Of Small Mixed Housing
5D Young & Older Households In Coastal, Rural & Suburban Areas
5E Mature Households In Scottish Industrial Suburbs & Rural Communities
5F Young & Older Households In Areas Of Mixed Tenure
5G Older Couples & Singles In Suburban Family Semis
6A Less Affluent Communities In Areas Of Mixed Tenure
6B Older & Mature Households In Suburban Semis & Terraces
6C Mixed Households In Mostly Welsh Suburban Communities & Rural Areas
6D Couples & Families With School Age & Older Children In Spacious Semis
6E Mature Households In Less Affluent Suburban & Rural Areas
6F Less Affluent Couples In Suburban Family Neighbourhoods
6G Young Single & Family Communities In Small Terraces & Rented Flats
7A Single Mortgagees & Renters In Pre-School Family Neighbourhoods
7B Singles & Families In Ethnically Mixed Inner City & Suburban Areas
7C Young Flat Dwelling Singles & Couples In Inner City Student Areas
7D Young Singles, Couples & Students In Urban Areas
7E Young Singles In Privately Rented & Housing Association Properties
8A Young Singles In Privately Rented & Housing Association Properties
8B Older & Mature Households In Suburban Areas Of Mixed Tenure
8C Older Households With School Age Children In Towns & Suburbs
8D Poorer Young Singles In Suburban Family Areas
8E Mixed Mortgagees & Council Tenants In Outer Suburbs
8F Singles & Couples In Small Terraced Properties
9A Poorer Singles In Outer Suburban Family Neighbourhoods
9B Poorer Singles & Families In Mixed Tenure
9C Suburban Scottish Households In Small Terraces & Flats
9D Ethnically Mixed Young Families & Singles In Terraced Housing
9E Poorer Couples & School Age Families In Terraced & Semis
9F Flat Dwellers In Council & Housing Association Accommodation
9G Young & Older Households In Housing Association & Mortgaged Homes
10A Hi-Rise Flat Dwellers In Cosmopolitan Areas Of Mixed Tenure
10B Council Tenants & Mortgagees In Scottish Suburbia
10C Poorer Mortgagees & Council Renters In Family Neighbourhoods
10D Singles & Single Parents In Suburban Hi-Rise Flats
10E Mature Households In Small Terraces & Semis
10F Poorer Singles In Local Authority Family Neighbourhoods
10G Single Renters In Mixed Age Hi-Rise Communities
XXX Communal Establishments In Mixed Neighbourhoods

1.2 CAMEO UK Groups

The 10 CAMEO UK Groups can be described as follows:

Group Code
CAMEO UK Type % UK Households
1 Affluent Singles & Couples In Exclusive Urban Neighbourhoods 3.46%
2 Wealthy Neighbourhoods Nearing & Enjoying Retirement 3.62%
3 Affluent Home Owning Couples & Families In Large Houses 11.41%
4 Suburban Home Owners In Smaller Private Family Homes 13.71%
5 Comfortable Mixed Tenure Neighbourhoods 9.5%
6 Less Affluent Family Neighbourhoods 13.94%
7 Less Affluent Singles & Students In Urban Areas 6.08%
8 Poorer White & Blue Collar Workers 15.67%
9 Poorer Family & Single Parent Households 10.86%
10 Poorer Council Tenants Including Many Single Parents 11.38%