Finding your target market
  What is Cameo?

  Cameo is an Internet service providing information on 39 million UK residents using Callcredit Marketing Solutions Data Exchange. It is the combination of Data Exchange, Callcredit Marketing Solutions Cameo classifications, demographic data and fast powerful software. Whether your interest in individual Data is for verification or marketing you will find Cameo quick and easy to use.

Cameo is made up of six modules: TRACE, BATCH, AREA PROFILE, DATA, PROFILING and POSTCODE CLASSIFICATIONS. Each module allows you to utilise the data in different ways. Use just one module or a combination. Cameo is a truly flexible product. Its applications range from using the data for verification purposes, profiling your customers, list cleaning and rental. It's the ideal tool in many different environments:
  • Sales, marketing and business development
  • CRM and direct marketing
  • Geo-demographic research
  • Planning and strategy for consumer markets
  • Consumer credit verification and debt collection
  • Tracing individuals
  • Media- general/documentary research and candidate verification
TRACE - the most flexible product available for tracing individuals.
Using Cameo TRACE you can search for, and verify, any individual's name and address - anywhere in the UK.

Any combination of first name, surname and/or address may be used to confirm an individual's address and their length of residency. You can also identify their neighbours and other residents. It's possible to search for different combinations of first names and surnames at the same address.

If you are not sure how to spell a name, or housename, you can use Partial or fuzzy matching. Flexible searching on any element of the name(s) or address is possible, allowing you to successfully trace individuals with limited information.

Addresses and individuals can be linked to AREA PROFILE to give you added information about the individual and their probable lifestyle attributes (see below).

BATCH - for mass tracing and list cleaning
This new module makes Cameo TRACE even more powerful. BATCH processing means that you don't need to trace individuals one at a time - saving you hours. You can now send your data directly to the Cameo server for fast and effective verification (10,000 records takes 12 minutes). The return file will indicate matches and discrepancies. This option is ideal for mass tracing and verification and list and database cleaning.

AREA PROFILE -for detailed information on every UK postcode
Provides a detailed profile of every UK postcode (prefix and suffix). It includes information on: affluence, income, credit risk, investments, housing type, qualifications, employment and property values. Graphical illustrations are also included.

DATA - giving you control in list creation
Cameo DATA allows you to create your own mailing list. You can also use the search criteria to research markets by identifying numbers of prospects in different target groups.

Geographic areas can be selected by postcode, TV Regions, commercial radio broadcast areas, free and paid press distribution areas and standard marketing areas etc.

Any combination of Cameo classifications can be used to narrow down your search. For example, Cameo UK contains 50 different household types, Cameo Income, Investor, Financial, Property and Unemployment help you identify very specific target markets. Family filters can be applied for even more definition. You can export your prospect list to most applications. You can even download random prospects from your search for test mailings. All Cameo data is MPS screened and cleaned with the latest quarterly suppression file.

PROFILING - to help you understand who your customers are
Load your own information into Cameo to profile and analyse your customers. You can create tables and graphs that will help you understand your clients and prospects. For example, it could illustrate your success in a certain combination of income group, household type and investor profile. You can then use Cameo DATA to find and target residents in postcodes that match your best prospects.

POSTCODE CLASSIFICATIONS - to enhance your data
With the appropriate licence you can also download all the Cameo classifications to enhance your own data. As they are postcode based you can easily supplement your customer and prospect information and you can enrich up to 170,000 postcodes.

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